Alice in Wonderland


Betty Draper


Edward and Julia

Emily Dickenson


Wonder Woman

Gloria Steinem

Joan Holloway

Lana and Lex

Lingerie Barbie

Marilyn (Innocence)


Alfred & Maud

Snow White

Sylvia Plath

Maggie Muggins

Marge Simpson

Marilyn (Experience)

Scott and Zelda


Ellen and Portia


Diana Dors

The Many Faces of Eve

Eve as metaphor is the subject of these paintings in which I have placed notable women from decades of popular culture each in her own garden. Each of these women, or girls, as in the case of Alice in Wonderland and Maggie Muggins, represents either a populist, or a personal icon. Each has been immortalized in the form of either a two, or a three dimensional object a paper doll, a headvase, a wedding cake topper, a child's doll, and been made available for purchase at one time or another as a 'commercial object'. My choice of women for these paintings is wide ranging, from fictional television characters to writers and poets of significance, to feminist archetypes. My tone is admiring, whimsical, and affectionate. This being the Garden of Eden, however, danger lurks in the form of snakes and poisonous creatures and innocence can be easily lost.

Eve is young, she is old. She is mother, she is daughter. She is innocence, she is experience. She is nave, she is wise. She is whimsical, she is serious. She is everywoman.

(The Many Faces of Eve are available as original watercolours and as giclee prints.)

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